2010 Garden Competition

The Hills District Garden Competition is open to all residents of Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills and Bunya.

The 2010 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition Committee was chaired by Norma Bowen.  New and recycled committee members are always welcome - please email us at gardencomp@fhpa.com.au if you are able to assist in any way.

Key dates:

Nominations closed Wednesday, 8th September

Judging - Sunday, 12th September

Presentations - Saturday, 9th October


Photos of all gardens entered can be viewed below:

Arana Hills Gardens

Everton Hills Gardens

Ferny Hills Gardens

Bunya Gardens

To see photos of the presentations, please click here.

The Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition wish to recognise the generosity and support of our sponsors.  Residents can show their appreciation by supporting these sponsors.

Our major sponsors are:

Steve Jones Hardware and Landscape

Nova Gardens Nursery

For a list of all our 2010 sponsors, please click here.


Arana Hills Gardens

Fraser Garden - First, Waterwise; Third, Permanent; First, New Entry

Horton Garden - Third, Waterwise

Steer Garden - Second, Residential

Everton Hills Gardens

Di Trapani Garden - Meritorious

Stapleton Garden - First, Backyard

Butterworth Garden - Meritorious

Murphy Garden - Meritorious

Ferny Hills Gardens

Ellis Garden - Grand Champion; Second, Backyard; First, Permanent Garden; Second, Front Yard

Bagdon Garden

Keong Garden

Yarnold Garden - Third, New Entry

Donovan Garden - First, Spring

Mischke & Creagh Garden - First, Native; Second, New Entry; Second, Waterwise

Galligan Garden - President's Trophy

Evans Garden - First, Front Yard

Colquhoun Garden - Third, Front Yard

Pownall Garden - Meritorious

Bowen Garden - Meritorious

Smith Garden - Third, Back Yard

Bunya Gardens

Geddes Garden - First, Acreage

Additional photos supplied by the Geddes family