2010 Garden Competition Presentations

Garden Competition Committee

Pat Donovan, Bill Stomfay, Ninetta Howie, Norma Bowen, Jenny Horton and Sue Coutts


Dignitaries - Murray Watt (Member for Everton), Geoff Wilson (Member for Ferny Grove), and Peter Dutton (Member for Dickson)

Brian Battersby, Moreton Bay Region Councillor

Norma Bowen, Chairperson with Ninetta Howie (committee member)

Geoff Wilson, Member for Ferny Grove

Mark Hawkins, Nova Gardens (Major Sponsor)

Peter Dutton, Member for Dickson

Grand Champion

George and Marie Ellis


President's Trophy

Diane and Leo Galligan (and Bill Stomfay, FHPA)


Waterwise Winners

Brooke Fraser

Laura Mischke and Julian Creagh

Jennifer Horton

Acreage Winners

Hugh and Marion Geddes


Permanent Garden Winners

Brooke Fraser


Back Yard Winners

Don and Elizabeth Stapleton

George & Marie Ellis

Front Yard Winners

Robert Evans

George and Marie Ellis


Spring Garden Winner

Bev & Pat Donovan


Native Garden Winner

Laura Mischke and Julian Creagh


New Entry Garden Winners

Brooke Fraser

Laura Mischke and Julian Creagh

Richard Yarnold

Meritorious Garden Winners

Colin and Lillian Butterworth


Adam Pownall


Norma Bowen