2015 Garden Competition Presentations

Presentation to Brian Battersby by Sue Coutts




A word from our judges ...

A gift to our judges


Grand Champion

Christine Bullimore, trophy presented by Mark Furner


President's Trophy

Sheree Harvey

Waterwise Winners

Tim and Amanda Steer


Laura & Julian Creagh

Jenny Horton


Acreage Winners

Sheree Harvey

Len Scanlon



Permanent/Residential Garden Winners

Marie Ellis

Tim and Amanda Steer



Back Yard Winners

Christine Bullimore

Odette McAuliffe

Vanessa & James Searle


Front Yard Winners

Kerri Ross

Ross & Robyn Ellerman

Gina Hudson



New Entry Garden Winners

Odette McAuliffe

Kerri Ross

Vanessa & James Searle

Edible Garden Winners

Lisa Gibson


Kylie Stapleton


Meritorious Garden Winners

Bradley Dallinger

Kathi Hildebrand

Dorothea Cassidy

Micael & Marion Langdon

Mick Pizzey

Winning Gardens

Hills District Community Garden

A team effort ...