2014 Garden Competition Presentations


Trophies & Prizes




Sweets by Sil

Brian Battersby, Moreton Bay Region Councillor

Mike Charlton, Deputy Mayor

Cath Tonks, representing Peter Dutton

Sue Coutts


Grand Champion

Marie Ellis and Bill Stomfay (FHPA)


President's Trophy

Christine Bullimore and Bill Stomfay (FHPA)

Waterwise Winners

Tim and Amanda Steer





Acreage Winners

Sheree Harvey

Nathan Pain

Len Scanlon



Permanent Garden Winners

Marie Ellis

Veronica Hossinger

Ninetta Howie


Back Yard Winners

Catherine Bullimore

Jenny Horton

Veronica Hossinger


Front Yard Winners

Marie Ellis

George Nielson

Tim and Amanda Steer


Native Garden Winner

Laura Creagh (with Mike Charlton, Deputy Mayor)


New Entry Garden Winners

George Nielson




Edible Garden Winners

Annie Webster


Michael Langdon

Sheree Harvey

Meritorious Garden Winners

Pat Moffat

Lisa Hagean


Fay Fuhlbohm

Mary Murphy




Mary Sweeney


Katlin Hildebrand