2018 Garden Competition Presentations

The Cake!


Dignitaries and Committee

Tim Mander, State Member for Everton


Mark Furner, State Member for Ferny Grove


Matt Constance, MBRC Councillor for Division 10


The full committee



Grand Champion

Kaye and Norm Williams, trophy presented by Cath Tonks

For a short video of the Williams garden, please click here.



President's Trophy

Odette McAuliffe

Waterwise Winners

Tim & Amanda Steer

Leesa & Brendon O'Dempsey

Kathi Hildebrand


Acreage Gardens

Trevor & Vicki Oliver

Rosyln Emery

Lisa O'Shea



Permanent/Residential Garden Winners

Kaye and Norm Williams

Marie Ellis

Diane Tinmouth


Back Yard Winners


Odette McAuliffe

Christine Bullimore

Sue Quirk




Front Yard Winners

Robert & Jean Evans

Gordon & Susanne Colquhuon

Marie Ellis

New Entry Garden Winners

Brian Battersby


Heidi Wilson

Ingrid Moyle


Edible Garden Winners

Aubrey Chilcott

Annie Webster


Kylie Stapleton



Meritorious Gardens

Veronica Hossinger

Jennifer Horton

Tim Brinums

Carolyn & Graham Best

Robyn Ellerman

Gillian O'Brien


Winning Gardens

Hills District Community Garden


Anniversary Trowel

Lee-Anne Mee

Steve Lambert