2013 Garden Competition

The Hills District Garden Competition is open to all residents of Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills and Bunya.

The 2013 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition Committee was chaired by Bill Stomfay.  New and recycled committee members are always welcome - please email us at gardencomp@fhpa.org.au if you are able to assist in any way.

Launch and plant swap - 9am Saturday, 15th June - Arana Hills Library

Entries Closed - Wednesday, 18th September

Judging - Sunday, 22nd September

Presentations - 2pm Sunday, 13th October - Arana Hills Library

Please note that the Presentation was originally scheduled for 20th October but has now changed to the 13th October.


The categories for the 2013 competition were:

The Edible Garden category includes vegetable gardens, herb gardens and fruit trees.

Residents can only enter their front garden OR their back garden OR both, as they are each in a different prize category. You must enter both your front and back garden to be eligible for the Residential prize category.


The Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition wish to recognise the generosity and support of our sponsors.  Residents can show their appreciation by supporting these sponsors.

Our major sponsors are:

Steve Jones Hardware and Landscape

Pure Tennis


Click here for a full list of our 2013 sponsors.


Links to selected gardening websites:
http://www.abc.net.au/gardening   Gardening Australia
http://www.calyx.com.au               Qld Garden Competitions
http://www.annettemcfarlane.com  Annette McFarlane, Grovely TAFE
http://www.opengarden.org.au   Open Garden Scheme


Photos of all gardens entered will be published as soon as possible after judging. Following these links to specific suburbs:

Arana Hills Gardens

Everton Hills Gardens

Ferny Hills Gardens

Bunya Gardens


Arana Hills Gardens

Moffat Garden - Secnd, New Entry



Horton Garden - Third, Backyard

Steer Garden - First, Permanent

Sweeney Garden - Meritorious

Guy Garden - Second, Front Yard; Third, Permanent

Gibson Garden

Webster Garden - Second, Edible

Chilcott Garden - First, Edible

Bullimore Garden - President's Trophy; Second, Permanent; Second, Backyard

Langdon Garden

Everton Hills Gardens

Hossinger Garden - First, Front Yard

Murphy Garden - Meritorious

Reid Garden - Third, Edible

Ferny Hills Gardens

Rolstone Garden - Third, New Entry


Smith Garden - Grand Champion, First, Waterwise; First, Backyard

Cassidy Garden - Meritorious

Creagh Garden - First, Native; Third, Waterwise

Bell Garden - Meritorious


Ellis Garden - Third, Front Yard


Bunya Gardens

King Garden - Second, Acreage

Sherrard Garden - Third, Acreage

Gourluck Garden - First, New Entry; Second, Waterwise; First, Acreage