2011 Garden Competition

The Hills District Garden Competition is open to all residents of Arana Hills, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills and Bunya.

Bill Stomfay, Ninetta Howie, Jenny Horton, Pat Donovan, and Norma Bowen at a Committee meeting.

The 2011 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition Committee was chaired by Norma Bowen.  

Presentations - click here for photos - courtesy of Joanna Kate

The categories for this year's competition were:

The new Edible Garden category includes vegetable gardens, herb gardens and fruit trees.

The 2011 judges were Noel & Heather Prior, who are both members of the Australian Horticultural Judges Association.  Noel is also President of the South East Qld Branch of the Judges Association.

Links to selected gardening websites:
http://www.abc.net.au/gardening   Gardening Australia
http://www.calyx.com.au               Qld Garden Competitions
http://www.annettemcfarlane.com  Annette McFarlane, Grovely TAFE
http://www.colincampbellsgarden.com.au  Colin Campbell's Garden Show
http://www.opengarden.org.au   Open Garden Scheme


Follow these links to specific suburbs:

Arana Hills Gardens

Everton Hills Gardens

Ferny Hills Gardens

Bunya Gardens

The Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition wish to recognise the generosity and support of our sponsors.  Residents can show their appreciation by supporting these sponsors.

Our major sponsors are:

Steve Jones Hardware and Landscape

Nova Gardens Nursery

Click here for a full list of our 2011 sponsors.

Arana Hills Gardens

Bullimore Garden - Second - New Entry

Coleman Garden - First - Edible

Fraser Garden - Meritorious

Horton Garden - Third - Waterwise

Matthews Garden

Selvakumar Garden

Steer Garden - Second - Residential, Third - Front Yard

Sweeney Garden



Everton Hills Gardens

Butterworth Garden

Fuhlbohm Garden - Third - New Entry

Stapleton Garden - President's Trophy, First - Waterwise, Third - Residential, First - Backyard


Ferny Hills Gardens

Beattie Garden - Meritorious


Bell Garden - Second - Edible


Bowen Garden - Meritorious

Colquhoun Garden - Grand Champion, First - Front Yard

Creagh Garden - First - Native Garden, Third - Edible

Donovan Garden

Ellerman Garden

Ellis Garden - First - Residential, Second - Backyard, Second - Front Yard

Fitzpatrick Garden

Galligan Garden - Meritorious

Lovaszy Garden

Mareales Garden - Meritorious

Pownall Garden

Smith Garden - Second - Waterwise, Third - Backyard

Stanton Garden - First - New Entry


Bunya Gardens

Buterin Garden - First - Acreage

Geddes Garden - Second - Acreage

Scanlon Garden

Sherrard Garden - Third - Acreage