2009 Garden Competition

The 2009 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition Committee was chaired by Sue Coutts.  For a complete list of Committee members, please click here.

Garden Photos

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Arana Hills

Everton Hills

Ferny Hills


For photos of the Presentation Day, please click here.

Arana Hills Gardens

Horton Garden - First, Water Retention

Major Garden

Matthews Garden - Third, Front Yard Gardens

Photos supplied by Deanne Matthews:


Steer Garden - Second, Permanent Gardens; Second, Backyard Gardens

Barton Garden

Fielding garden


Everton Hills Gardens

Farlow Garden

Murphy Garden - Meritorious

Butterworth Garden - Meritorious

O'Brien Garden

Stapleton Garden - First, Backyard Gardens; First, New Entry Gardens

Grasso Garden - Meritorious

Tweddell Garden

Lucas Garden - First, Native Gardens

Ferny Hills Gardens

Jones Garden

Colquhoun Garden Grand Champion

Donovan Garden - First, Spring Gardens

Galligan Garden - Second, Front Yard Gardens

Joiner Garden - Meritorious

Keong Garden - President's Trophy; Third, Backyard Gardens

McChesney Clark Garden - First, Front Yard Gardens

Night photo supplied by Will:


Ellis Garden - First, Attractive & Waterwise; First, Permanent Gardens

Richter Garden - Third, New Entry Gardens

Pownall Garden - First, Waterwise Groupings

Mountford Garden

Smith Garden - Second, New Entry Gardens


Bunya Gardens

Hammond Garden - Second, Acreage Gardens

Lausev Garden - First, Acreage Gardens