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2017 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition

Our Plant Fest was held on Saturday, 19th August at the Arana Hills Library.   It was very successful, with lots of useful garden tips and discussion with the Committee and previous entrants.


The launch of this year's competition was held on 6th May at the Arana Hills Library. Kylie Stapleton, the winner of the 2016 Edible Garden category, talked about starting your own vegie garden. For a copy of her presentation, click here - but be warned, it's 36MB so it might take a while (especially if you aren't on the NBN, like many of us in Ferny Hills).





About Us

The FHPA is a group of local citizens who volunteer their time and effort to improve the area we live in.  We are a non-profit, non-political incorporated association.

If you live in the Ferny Hills area, are eligible to vote in the Ferny Grove electorate, and are willing to freely give some of your time to the community, please contact secretary@fhpa.org.au.

The aims of the FHPA are: