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2018 is the 50th year of the Garden Competition!



Yes You Can !!!

The President of the Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition, Ms Susie Quirk has a message for all those dedicated gardeners in the competition catchment area, ordinary people who have crafted lovely gardens and contributed to the attractive streetscapes of the area.

There is a false notion that your gardens are not worthy enough to enter the competition. Well, the competition has flexible guidelines which recognise that many residential blocks are constrained in terms of the whole areas being prepared up to the standard required to be a serious contender in the competition.

Indeed, many people have good reasons for not being able to present a fully developed residential block, including the need to have storage sheds, areas to locate small business equipment, difficult terrain, or difficult design constraints due to the location of their homes. These homes may have an excellent front or rear garden, or waterwise garden design, or edible plant gardens occupying a substantial portion of their residential blocks.

These residents are strongly encouraged to enter the Competition in this Special 50th Year. Categories of prize winners exist for each of these garden types - so we say YES YOU CAN! And remember that all entrants in this Special 50th Year of the Competition, will receive a special golden toned plaque which attests to their entry!

Committee members and much valued volunteers who generously contribute their personal time, are currently cruising the Competition area, looking out for quality gardens which haven't been entered previously, and they report back that many such gardens exist!

As we have already advised with the kind assistance of The Hills Echo, an entry form can be found in this and upcoming editions or can be downloaded through the Ferny Hills Progress Association website, or physically picked up and lodged at the Arana Hills Library.

Dates to remember:
Closing Date for Entries: Wednesday 5th September 2018
Judging Day: Sunday 9th September 2018


2017 Hills District and Bunya Garden Competition

Click here for the results. Click here for Presentation Day photos.



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